Hey there, thanks for taking the time to peruse my life's work. Since you found your way to my Bio page, I figure that I should be a good host and tell you a bit about myself.  Judging by many other photographer profiles, this is the page where i go on about how many international photography awards i've won and then go on to list the many prestigious clients that I've worked with over the years. I can assure you that that list is very long and very impressive, probably even too long to list on this one page.  But what I can tell you, in this brief introduction to me, is that my name is Aaron Kraft and I love what I get to do for a living. Imagine being invited into some of the most jaw-dropping homes that you can dream up, with a camera, and being told to "go be creative and we will write you a check for it".  Its my dream job and I spend sleepless nights hoping that by rendering these painstakingly, agonized over spaces, in two dimensions, I will do the artists' visions justice.  Its not a job that I take lightly because I know how much time (years most likely) that you have put into your work and this may be the only time that it will be documented. I love my job and I want to help you create dynamic images that accurately express your artistic visions. 
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